Bobbies not buildings


Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, knows that it's bobbies not buildings that solve crimes. While our police should always be accessible to local residents, their main job is to be out on the streets cutting crime.  

Neighbourhood policing plays a really important role locally and Boris Johnson recognises this. He is more than doubling the number of local Neighbourhood Police officers and the results are paying off, with crime having fallen 20% since 2010.

In one of his voluntary roles, Dan is Chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) People's Panel in Bedford Ward, so has direct insight into local policing priorities. He is very proactive in recruiting new residents to the panel and to join local Neighbourhood Watch teams, as the more eyes and ears we have looking out for the community, the more we can detect and prevent criminal activity.

If you would be interested to join your local SNT Panel, please email and he wil be able to help.