Getting the right deal on Brexit

I voted Remain in last year's EU Referendum, as did 75% of Tooting's residents. And like most local residents, I also accept the national decision and the fact that we are going to leave the EU.

What is important now is the future relationship we have with the EU. Many Tooting residents work for companies that export to the EU, and therefore it is vital for the jobs and incomes of local people that a new trade deal is achieved which retains the widest possible access to the Single Market.

As a champion of free trade, Theresa May has been clear that she also wants to see the most ambitious possible trade deal struck with the EU. My own business exports to the EU and I will use all of my experience and energies to help her achieve such a deal.

I am also certain that Theresa May will achieve a reciprocal deal on the rights of EU citizen's living here, and of British citizens living in the EU, early in the negotiating period. This will help provide certainty to our European friends and neighbours who work and live in the area.

The Conservative manifesto has also pledged to ensure that the workers' rights currently enshrined in EU law are transferred into UK law, which is good news for Tooting residents.

Tooting's Labour MP voted against national and local sentiment by voting against triggering Article 50. At the same time, she is standing on a Labour Manifesto that promises to leave the EU and the Single Market. With such huge contradictions across Corbyn's Labour party, it's no wonder that local people have no confidence in Labour negotiating a successful deal with the EU.

Please support Theresa May and I on June 8th so that we can ensure the best possible Brexit deal with Europe - one that protects the livelihoods and rights of residents in Tooting and across the UK.