Supporting Boris' Tube Improvement Programme


Boris Johnson is investing in our local tube network. With the Northern Line running through the length of the Tooting constituency, we have great transport connections that are getting better thanks to the Mayor of London.

Extra investment will see 20% increased capacity and faster running trains on the Northern Line from January 2015, making for a more pleasant journey for Tooting commuters. And unlike Ken Livingston, Boris' tube investment programme is delivering the upgrades on time and on budget - just like the Olympics! The new capacity will come on stream next year.

We also need to continue to modernise the Tube, which means progressing the driverless tube initiative and freeing staff from ticket offices. Both these measures will allow staff to spend more time in the tube carriages and within the station, providing extra safety, better customer service and more readily-available staff when help is needed.

Taken together, these improvements will give us a Tube system fit for the 21st century and able to serve our growing population.

24-hour Tubes

The modernisation of the Tube is also allowing Transport for London to introduce 24-hour tubes at the weekend. This change, being intorduced in 2015, will hugely benefit the night-time economy, weekend socialites and shift workers.The Unions and Labour Party are opposing these changes, so if you wish to lend your voice for a world-class, 24-hour tube, please complete the survey at .