Bringing Boris Bikes to Balham

The London Cycle Hire Scheme has been a success since it was launched, with high satisfaction rates and strong usage, encouraging many to start cycling for the first time. In 2013 it expanded into the north of Wandsworth, where take-up has also met expectation, adding to local transport options for residents.

Last week I visited TfL with Jane Ellison MP to discuss how we could bring Boris Bikes further south, to Balham, Wandsworth Common, Earlsfield and Tooting. It will need TfL funds - so Mayoral priorities will be key – but the transport and public health benefits are high in our area, so the opportunity exists if the political will is there.

You can see on the above map an example of a viable size for a Cycle Hire expansion into Balham and the surrounding area (the dashed blue line representing the boundary of the zone). It would require about 20-30 new docking stations, with the majority in Wandsworth and a few in Lambeth/Southwark to accomodate the Cycle Superhighway CS7.

If you support Boris Bikes coming to our area – whether it be for the added transport capacity it will bring for commuting, or as a healthy way to enjoy our heritage and green spaces – please email me at to add your support, and I will keep you updated on this project.