Canterbury Conservatives Vote to Put Environment First

On Thursday evening Canterbury Council passed a historic vote to tackle climate change and become carbon neutral by 2030.

The climate crisis has been deemed an emergency, with a Working Group being formed immediately to come forward with an ambitious plan for the Council to rapidly cut its carbon emissions, as well as to help local residents and businesses reduce their own carbon footprint.

A budget of £500,000 has also been approved to ensure the Council can deliver the measures needed to protect the environment.

Council Leader Rob Thomas stated:

‘Last month the Conservative government legislated to make Britain ‘Net Zero’ for carbon emissions. As the first major economy to take this step, the UK is now the global leader in tackling the climate change emergency.

It is only natural therefore for local Conservatives in Canterbury to deliver the changes required on the ground to back up the national pledge. I’m delighted that we have taken the lead locally in setting our Net Zero target for 2030 and that all councillors from across the political parties supported it in Thursday’s historic vote’.

Councillor Dan Watkins will be the Chair of the new Climate Change Working Group and he commented:

‘Our local climate is already changing and our coastal communities in Whitstable and Herne Bay are directly threatened by the extreme weather and rising sea levels that climate change causes. So I'm delighted that the Conservatives are taking the lead to tackle climate change at all levels of government - nationally, at Kent county council and here in Canterbury district.

Thursday was a fantastic occasion for all of us who care so deeply about the environment, but the hard work starts now. We will engage with residents and organisations across the District to help us form a plan that achieves our ambitious target. With ideas, energy and money, I am confident that Canterbury can deliver the many changes it needs to reduce its own carbon emissions, while setting a positive example to others to also go green.’