Councillor Dan Watkins Appeals to Drivers to Prevent Thornden Wood Accident


Councillor Dan Watkins has appealed to the public not to park their car on the edge of Thornden Wood Road by the closed Thornden Wood car park. 

Cars parked in this dangerous position, which force drivers to circumvent them by crossing into the oncoming lane of traffic, have been a regular sight in recent weeks since the Thornden Wood car park was closed by Kent Wildlife Trust. The road is a 60 mph zone and the risk of an accident is high.

The councillor's plea was echoed by the Herne Bay Gazette, who featured the story in this week's edition of the paper. 

The car park will remain closed until Kent Wildlife Trust returns its wardens from furlough such that is can safely reopen the car park and woods. Until then, Dan Watkins is urging walkers to use the Clowes Wood car park, which is open and just a few hundred metres away.

Dan Watkins is the Canterbury City Councillor for Greenhill ward