Delivery for St George's

Last weekend was an emotional one for my wife and I, as Harry Ambrose Watkins emerged into the Tooting night weighing a little over 8 pounds. I’m pleased to say that he and Mum are doing really well, and despite a few sleepless nights, we’re loving our new arrival.

It was a long labour that Tam went through at St George's Hospital, but one upside of this (probably the only one!) was that we got to spend time with several midwives - 4 in fact. And I have to say, each one of them was fantastic, not just in terms of their technical skills and the knowledge they passed onto us, but also in the level of personal care they gave. We really did feel well looked-after and that they were determined to make things as smooth as possible for, Harry, Mum and I as we started our new life as a family. So thanks to Helga, Nike, Rosie and Katia for their wonderful support.

A few years ago St George’s was having a few issues, culminating in a disappointing Care Quality Commission report. But it felt to me during our long weekend stay that the changes that the management team brought in have really worked well in addressing these problems. So congratulations are due to all of the hospital staff for this achievement, and thanks once again for looking after us so well.