New Grant Fund Launched for Young Entrepreneurs


A new grant fund is being established at the Tooting-based charity, Business Launchpad, to help young entrepreneurs make their dream a reality. It was announced by Dan Watkins and Business Launchpad on the final day of Wandsworth Enterprise Week 2015. 

The funding comes from a local trust and allows Business Launchpad to make grants of up to several hundred pounds to aspiring entrepreneurs with a good idea. The grant can cover the cost of new equipment for a first job, travel expenses to visit a customer, or any other sum needed to get the business off the ground and where no alternative funds are available. 

The new fund was put together by Dan Watkins, local businessman and Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Tooting, who secured the funds from a Wandsworth charity.

Caroline Odogwu, Marketing Manager of Business Launchpad, said:

‘As London’s leading youth enterprise charity, we meet hundreds of 18-30 year olds every year, many of them with excellent ideas for starting a business. However, it can be the case that they have no savings or access to capital and sometimes the absence of just a couple of hundred pounds can be the barrier that stops them launching.

We are grateful to Dan Watkins and the Bullough Tompson Charitable Settlement for making the funds available and are excited about being able to offer it to future applicants.’

Dan Watkins said:

‘Youth unemployment in Tooting has halved since 2010, but I’m working to reduce the number further since every young person out of work is another life not fulfilling its potential.

Last year I held a Youth Enterprise Summit in Tooting with local charities and agencies working in this field to identify the issues preventing Wandsworth’s young people from finding a job or launching a business. Top of the list was the absence of any grant funding to help people get started.

I pitched to charities I know in the Tooting area and I’m delighted that Bullough Tompson has agreed to support our project. It will make a real difference to disadvantaged young people in our area and it’s a great way to conclude this year’s very successful Wandsworth Enterprise Week’.

If you are interested in the fund, or the mentoring service and low cost office space offered by Business Launchpad, please make an enquiry with them via .