TEFRA Established to Improve Totterdown Estate

To follow are minutes of the second meeting of the Totterdown Estate Friends & Residents Association (TEFRA) held on 5th August. We have established the group to help preserve the historic Totterdown Fields Conservation Area and to help promote a stronger sense of community on the Totterdown, through various social and volunteering initiatives.

More background information on the project can be found here.


The following were elected as the first Officers of TEFRA:

Michael S, Libby L, Dan W, Andrew C, Lynne T, George H, Abi H (exact roles TBD)

The group now has a dozen or so residents who have offered to help work towards its goals. We are keen to increase the group over time and have more residents get involved.


Now that TEFRA is established, Michael and Libby will make the council aware of its presence, which can channel feedback from local residents in regards to protection of the historic fabric of the Estate, as well as on other issues such as overgrown hedges, crime, etc.

Road signage

Dan has identified 3 potential sources of Council funding, to compliment possible commercial sponsorship. The first deadlines are in September - an application will need to be written and support from a local councillor will be required.

Community BBQ

To raise the profile of TEFRA - and to have some fun! - a BBQ will be held, preferably in the courtyard of the Derinton Community Hall and/or Derinton Road itself (dependent on receiving permission). It will take place on a Saturday later in the summer. We will make it open to all and we will endeavour to source donations of food towards the BBQ from local businesses. We will also ask attendees to chip in with a couple of £s.

There isn't enough time to get permission to hold the BBQ in Derinton Rd itself, but we will do publicity to attract people to the event.  This will include leaflets and posters which Denny has kindly agreed to get produced free-of-charge. The group are happy to deliver the leaflets once produced in a week's time. Dan will use his contacts with local media to get the event publicised.