A new school for the Bay

We want every child to achieve their potential, whatever their strengths and ambitions. That's why Herne Bay Conservatives have been pushing for a new secondary school for the town, so that more of our young people can attend a local school and do not have to travel miles to Canterbury or Thanet. 

As such I'm delighted that the Conservative Council has been able to secure a new secondary school on the edge of Greenhill in the draft Local Plan. Of course, the Plan has to be ratified by Canterbury City Council after the election, so it is crucial that myself and other Conservative councillors are re-elected in the election on May 4th and can vote in support of the new school.

We will continue to support all the schools in our local area, and our fantastic and dedicated teachers, so our children can continue to thrive. As your local councillor I will work hard to achieve these goals, ensuring our young people get a good education and go on to succeed in life.