Dan's Guide to Going Green

Hello! Welcome to my first blog on the million £ question – what can you in your day-to-day life to cut your carbon footprint?

Greenhill Goes Greener!

I want to lead from the front to make Greenhill a more sustainable community, helping residents enjoy a better environment, less pollution and improved health. As such, I'm delighted to report back after my first year as Councillor on the great progress we have made, positioning Herne Bay at the

Supporting our NHS and local schools

Across the country there are thousands of examples of outstanding schools, hospitals and GP practices. But with the population rising - amongst the young and the old - our schools and NHS needs greater funding if they are to prosper in the years ahead.

Cleaning and greening the environment

I have always been passionate about the environment. We have a responsibility to future generations to safeguard our green spaces, reduce pollution and protect wildlife - locally, nationally and globally. 

Helping our young people

One of my reasons for entering politics is a desire to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, whatever their background. This means that everyone should be able to get onto the jobs ladder and pursue a rewarding career.

Protecting our community pubs

Research done by CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) shows that 13 pubs permanently close each week across the UK. Closer to home, we have lost a quarter of all Wandsworth pubs since 1997.

Educating our children

I believe that education is critical to the future of our country and is the only way to ensure we can simultaneously achieve sustainable economic growth and social justice.

Campaigning for Better Transport

 With London's population continuing to grow over the coming decade we need to start planning now to ensure we are able to meet future travel demand. Yet with South London's roads already near to full utilisation, growth in Tooting's transport capacity will most likely come from enhancements to the public transport and cycling options. 

Promoting and protecting our heritage

Our area is packed full of history, but in the face of high property prices and frequent development threats, we will need to rally together when sites are at risk. To than end I'm involved with several projects which are protecting important parts of Tooting's heritage: