Reporting Back on the Canterbury Climate Emergency

As the Chair of Canterbury Council’s Climate Change Working Group, I’m reporting back on the actions we are taking to help the Council become carbon neutral over the next ten years.

Dan's Guide to Green Shopping

In this Go-Green Guide I’m focussing on cutting the carbon emissions associated with your shopping. And I’m using ‘shopping’ in its broadest sense, to include anything you buy, whether in a shop or not. As you will see, it’s yet another huge source of pollution.

Dan's Guide to Green Travel

People love to travel, so much so that it represents a quarter of our carbon footprint. While a climate emergency combined with a global pandemic may reduce the number and distance of journeys taken, transport will still be a big part of the challenge we face to get to carbon neutral.

Dan Watkins welcomes measures to boost tourism across Thanet and Canterbury

VAT to be cut for six months for all businesses in the hospitality, accommodation and attractions industries, including up to 1,600 in Thanet and Canterbury
Public urged to ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ with new voucher scheme to encourage people to support local restaurants throughout August

Update on our Efforts to Tackle Climate Change in Canterbury

Making Net Zero Carbon a Reality at Canterbury Council

I hope everyone has enjoyed a positive start to 2020 and want to update you on our latest plans for reducing Canterbury Council’s emissions to zero over the next decade.