Record Numbers Apply for University in Wandsworth and England

I was delighted to see the latest UCAS data showing that university application rates for 18-year-olds in England remain at record levels.

Even more heartening, the proportion of disadvantaged students applying for university is also at a record high, with 23% of disadvantaged 18 year-olds having applied to university courses by the UCAS deadline in January.  

There is also a record proportion of state school pupils going both to university, and to highly selective universities. 77% of young entrants to Russell Group institutions in England were from state schools, and 90% of young entrants to university more broadly came from state schools.

In Wandsworth, 58% of 18 year-olds applied for university by January 2018, compared with just 41% in 2009 under the last Labour government.

This is fantastic news that shows the work of this Government to ensure more young people have the opportunity to make the most their talents is paying off. 

No-one’s opportunities in life should be determined by their background or circumstances. There is more to do, but with the proportion of disadvantaged 18-year-olds applying to university at record levels, we are making excellent progress.

Alongside the expansion of university places, the Conservatives are ensuring all young people can choose the educational and career route that is right for them. As such, we are also investing in apprenticeships and technical qualifications, so that everyone is able to get on in life.