Petition Opposing the Proposed Increases in Parking Charges

The Labour-Liberal coalition which runs Canterbury City Council has announced proposals to dramatically hike car parking charges in Herne Bay:

  1. Increase the top rate from £1.50 to £2.70 per hour, an 80% increase
  2. Removal of the winter seasonal discount, meaning the higher hourly rate of £2.70 would now apply all year round
  3. Removing the free overnight parking at William Street car park.

Whitstable is suffering a similar fate, and the additional car parking charges being levied on our coastal communities are being spent on the proposed reopening of the failed Park & Ride in Sturry, a change that will offer little benefit to residents living in Herne Bay or Whitstable.

The cost of these changes will be significant, costing a small fortune to Herne Bay residents, while also deterring visitors to our town, making life tough for our local businesses. Therefore please support our petition below to be presented to Canterbury City Council when the proposal is debated in early 2024.


Opposing the Hikes in Parking Charges

I support the petition calling on Canterbury City Council to abandon its proposals to increase Herne Bay parking rates to £2.70/hr, remove the seasonal discount and end free evening parking in William Street car park.


Canterbury City Council Ignores Parking Petition

Last night at Canterbury City Council’s budget meeting, your Conservative Councillor team, supported by managers from Active Life and the Kavanagh Cinema, presented 3 petitions totalling 1,700 signatures from local people.