Greenhill goes greener!

I want to lead from the front to make Greenhill a more sustainable community, helping residents enjoy a better environment, less pollution and improved health. As such, I'm delighted to report back on my first four years as your Councillor on the good progress we have made, positioning Herne Bay at the forefront of the green economy.

Community Energy

On the back of working with a local energy company, I was able to secure funding to deliver a large number of extra solar panels on the roof of Herne Bay High and to fix the existing solar panels at Briary Primary School. I am also working to help the Greenhill Senior Citizens Club install solar panels on their building. This action reduces energy bills for our community assets and cuts carbon emissions too. I also hope it will inspire local residents and businesses to take their own actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Greenest Lidl in Britain

I supported the approval of the new Lidl supermarket store on Greenhill roundabout. It is now completed and the store has a green roof, electric vehicle charging points and many other features making it their most environmentally-friendly shop in the country.  

Green Hydrogen Plant

In June 2020 the Council gave planning permission for the construction of the first green hydrogen plant in the UK, which will use 100% renewable energy from the local wind farm to create hydrogen fuel to power buses and heat our homes. By using this emission-free fuel, we will improve our local air quality and reduce carbon emissions. This puts Herne Bay at the forefront of the country's efforts to tackle climate change and will bring our community many environmental and economic benefits.  

New Cycle and Walking Routes

The new cycle and footpath on the Old Thanet Way has just been finished, completing a 6 mile off-road route between Beltinge and Estuary View. Already I see many people on foot, bike, wheelchair and mobility scooters using it for their daily journeys, cutting congestion on our roads and boosting health and the environment.

As part of the new Thornden Wood Village housing development, which went to planning committee in June 2020, I have been able to secure the creation of a cycle route running north-south through our ward, up to Herne Bay train station and town centre. The route is in advanced stages of design and the work should start later in 2023. The development will also sees the public footpath which runs east-west from Greenhill Rd to Bullockstone Rd, being cleared and tarmacked, so it is better for walkers and cyclists. 

This will help reduce the number of extra car journeys which the new housing brings, as well help existing residents do more short journeys on bike, with all of the associated health and environmental benefits.