What I can bring to politics

Through the articles posted on the Campaigns page of this website, you can see some of the initiatives I've been championing, as well as my priorities for the future. But I also think it's important that you understand more about me as an individual, so I've written below a few comments about the kind of person I am.

Honesty, with a focus on results

The first thing to say is that personal integrity is really important to me. I don't like letting people down and that's why when I say I will do something, you can trust me to do it. And while I am successful in many of the things I set out to accomplish, that won't always be the case, so if we don't get the outcome we were hoping for, I will be honest with you and explain why that is.

Linked to this, I believe that people will only start trusting politicians again when they actually deliver results. Some politicians will attach themselves to campaigns for a quick hit of publicity, but don't actually contribute to its success. But I want to achieve a positive change in our country, and that's why I will roll my sleeves up and work with you to get things done. Nothing makes me happier than seeing others aspiring to do the right thing for them and their community, then achieving it. That is a huge motivation for me.

Working hard to make a difference

Working hard is part of my DNA. Just as my staff know that I put everything on the line to make our business succeed, I hope you will get to work with me on one of my campaigns and see that I am dedicated to helping people succeed in everything they want to achieve in life. 

I'm a realist, but also an optimist! I believe that while life will never be perfect, we can make society better. And in striving to do so we should remember that we really do only live once, so we should have some fun while we're doing it!

Finally, it's true that politics is both about the party and the person. And while your view on politics will be influenced by many factors, I hope you join one of my campaigns in the coming years and see first-hand what I can achieve as a person.