Outside of politics


In a way I'm fortunte that I came into politics a bit later in life, as otherwise I wouldn't have been able to spend as much time enjoying myself in my younger days as I did, and more recently, start a family.

I've always loved sport - and am much better at watching it than playing it! I still try whenever I can to watch England play rugby and cricket. And more challengingly, watch Bournemouth play football...  I'm a keen cyclist and the one sport I'm half decent at is tennis, having played at Spencer Tennis Club in Earlsfield for 10 years. 

Music is another big passion of mine and when I'm working away late at night you can be sure that I'll have some tunes playing in the background. In my University days I was a DJ, but after very modest success, I just stick to listening these days! Music is a major export industry for Britain and I'd love to one day help it become even more successful for our country.