A fairer deal for Earlsfield Station

 Local Conservatives have long been campaigning to improve Earlsfield Station. With a business in Earlsfield, Dan knows exactly how important great local transport is for local businesses and restaurants.Dan comments "Working in Earlsfield, I see on a daily basis the great work that has happened recently to improve Earlsfield Station. All of the residents I've spoken to are delighted with the station improvements. The old stairs were difficult for parents with young children, the elderly and disabled, so the lifts have really improved the stations accessibility."

Volunteering in Tooting

As your MP I would work hard to support existing voluntary groups and to help residents start up new ones, so that we can improve our environment, help vulnerable people, and build some new skills too.

What I can bring to politics

Through the articles posted on the Campaigns page of this website, you can see the specific initiatives I've been championing, as well as my priorities for the future. But I also think it's important that you understand more about me as an individual, so I've written below a few comments about the kind of person I am.